The Voxida 3375 Enterprise-Class Series for High-Density Digital Communications Recording and Call Monitoring

Designed for high traffic, mission-critical call centers and governmental organizations, the Voxida 3375 is suitable for communication recording and monitoring in customer contact centers, healthcare environments, finance, aerospace and defense applications. Flexible and scalable, the Voxida 3375 provides support for up to 256 telephone, PBX, radio, intercom, video and turret channels or up to 480 VoIP channels in a single appliance.

The Voxida 3375 can simultaneously record, live-monitor, archive and play back calls for real-time intelligence, long-term data integrity and instant recall of a particular call or transmission. As a true client/server distributed application, Voxida can accommodate your center's deployment requirements and handle any future growth.

Pure archival bliss for disaster recovery

The Voxida 3375 recording appliances include a scalable, hardware-based RAID-10 hard drive subsystem for virtually bulletproof data integrity. Users can easily share records with remote data centers and across multiple sites. Full archival controls, optional additional NAS call data storage, immediate record emailing and optional dual DVD archiving capabilities keep your data safe. Plus, Voxida is easy to use. Please see the features and benefits section for more information.

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Voxida features innovative call recording and quality monitoring software:

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